If you are asking this question, then my answer would be yes, you should contact a lawyer. There are no downsides to contacting a lawyer. The Law Office of Peter J. Radulski will offer a free in-person initial consultation to discuss your case. We will listen to your story and advise if you will benefit from having a lawyer, and explain how we can help you. We will also explain that our legal fee is a “contingent fee,” which means that we get paid only if we get you money. Filing a claim for personal injury in a car accident case, means that you are going to be dealing with a large insurance company that handles these types of cases on a daily basis. Attorney Radulski has experience as a former Senior Trial Counsel for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company to help you navigate the process and level the playing field. We know the strategies that insurance companies use to reduce the compensation paid out to victims, and we will separate you from having to handle the paperwork, phone calls, and emails to allow you to recover physically and emotionally from your accident. If you have been in an accident, contact us now to find out more about your options.